Out Now: Galvany Street - 80's synth pop, 90's Manchester and right up to more current sounds

3 1/2 years after the release of their last studio album "Eve", Booka Shade return with a new album, exciting vocal collaborators and a brand new sound. The album is available today on vinyl and cd, for download, streaming and also in STEMS format for DJs. Collectors can watch out for a limited edition 2xCD incl. 5 bonus tracks & versions, of which 2 are only to be found on the deluxe cd.

„GALVANY STREET is the album we wanted to write for a long time. The collaboration with Craig Walker brings in the perfect kind of vocals to complete the music." (Arno Kammermeier)

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DJ Mag (UK) "It´s the sound of a band far less concerned making a splashy impression than realizing their own creative impulses, situated somewhere between the mellow synth-pop that´s always been a part of their work as well as a broader indie dance singer/songwriting crossover aesthetic."

Intro (Germany) "The 10 songs on GALVANY STREET sound like a modern and pimped out version of the Pet Shop Boys, especially because of the focus on vocals and songwriting. Inherently consistent and downright splendid."

Learn more about the 3 years recording and production phase in this short documentary video feat. Booka Shade, Craig Walker, Mark Plati (David Bowie, Prince, The Cure...), Daniel Spencer and Yates.

Out Now: Babylon - the first single by Booka Shade and Craig Walker, feat. Urdur (GusGus)

One of the stand-out songs on the forthcoming Booka Shade album „GALVANY STREET" is "BABYLON", a 90´s Manchester inspired anthem that was finished as the very last piece of the album. 7 of the 10 songs on „GALVANY STREET" are co-written with and sung by Craig Walker, former singer of the post-rock band Archive. For the backing vocals of "BABYLON" Urdur, the singer of Iceland´s favourites GusGus, was invited to complete the song. 

"BABYLON" features 2 special versions of the song. A much shorter, more instant Single Version and a longer, club friendly Extended Mix, inspired by classic 80s 12inch releases. Next to the exclusive single versions of "BABYLON" there is also the wonderful „Changes“, another collaboration with Craig Walker, which is not featured on the album.

"BABYLON" is available at bookashade.com:

12inch vinyl

mp3 download

STEMS download

TRS download (Extended Version only!)

wav download

also available at your local record shop, iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify and pretty much everywhere else

„BABYLON is about how in a relationship one person can be totally destroyed by the other with just words or in fact a single phrase. The lyrics are a conversation between two people in a relationship. They still love each other but can't help destroying each other sometimes with words - we've all been there! People are ultimately very delicate no matter how physically strong they may be.“ (Craig Walker)

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