The third and final single from the Galvany Street album is out now: Loneliest Boy / Just Like Tonight

Why do firework designers put the big burst at the end?  Why is the fourth movement of a symphony the most powerful one?  Why does the climax come at the end of the movie rather than the beginning?  Why do we eat dessert last?

Because we all love to save the best for last.

The third and final single from BOOKA SHADE’s recently released 'GALVANY STREET' album with CRAIG WALKER is rather special containing undoubtedly the most obvious pop hit of the album. It has also quickly become a live favourite on the ongoing album tour across Europe.

„Even before the album was released, 'LONELIEST BOY' became a highlight in the Live shows we played together with Craig. the groove and melodies seem to catch people straight away." (Arno)

'LONELIEST BOY' is often described as BOOKA SHADE meets The Pet Shop Boys. The previously unreleased single & extended versions are quite different from the album version. One highlights the pop qualities and get’s straight to the point, the other with the dance floor firmly in mind.

But that’s not it... 

The previously unreleased 'JUST LIKE TONIGHT' is inspired by the songwriting of the wonderful NEW ORDER. Next to 'LONELIEST BOY' it is easily one of the most catchy tunes ever recorded by BOOKA SHADE due to the perfect hooklines by collaborator and singer Craig Walker. Arno and Walter didn’t want to over-emphasise the pop context of the album, so one of the two songs, even with it’s strong melodies was dropped from the final cut - now it’s time to release it from the vault.

In context with 'LONELIEST BOY' the song works perfectly well. Not as a traditional b-side track but rather a double a-side single. Same as with 'LONELIEST BOY' in single & extended versions.

Track Listing:

01/A1 Loneliest Boy with Craig Walker, (Single Version) *previously unreleased version 02/A2 Loneliest Boy with Craig Walker, (Extended Version) *previously unreleased version 03/B1 Just Like Tonight with Craig Walker, (Single Version) *previously unreleased song 04/B2 Just Like Tonight with Craig Walker, (Extended Version) *previously unreleased song

available here at the webshop and all the usual services/stores

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