Booka Shade new album 'Dear Future Self' out today.

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Born out of recorded sessions across the globe from New Zealand to their home city of Berlin, ‘Dear Future Self’ is a collection of club-ready sounds featuring collaborations with artists from Iceland, South Africa, England and Germany.

"This is by far our most ‘club-orientated' album to date, with many of the songs road-tested all over the world over the last 18 months. From beautiful sunsets at the beach to industrial warehouses, big festivals to the smallest clubs, only the essentials made it onto the album." -- Walter & Arno

Dear Future Self feat. Lazarusman
Polar Lights feat. Joplyn
Sacred (Interpretation)
Red Medina
Perfect In A Way feat. Kaktus Einarsson
Acid Brain
I Go, I Go feat. Kaktus Einarsson (Interpretation)
To The Sea feat Eli & Fur
Plexus 3AM
NZ Modular
Torch (Interpretation)
Atlantic Beam