Out Now: Galvany Street - 80's synth pop, 90's Manchester and right up to more current sounds

3 1/2 years after the release of their last studio album "Eve", Booka Shade return with a new album, exciting vocal collaborators and a brand new sound. The album is available today on vinyl and cd, for download, streaming and also in STEMS format for DJs. Collectors can watch out for a limited edition 2xCD incl. 5 bonus tracks & versions, of which 2 are only to be found on the deluxe cd.

„GALVANY STREET is the album we wanted to write for a long time. The collaboration with Craig Walker brings in the perfect kind of vocals to complete the music." (Arno Kammermeier)

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DJ Mag (UK) "It´s the sound of a band far less concerned making a splashy impression than realizing their own creative impulses, situated somewhere between the mellow synth-pop that´s always been a part of their work as well as a broader indie dance singer/songwriting crossover aesthetic."

Intro (Germany) "The 10 songs on GALVANY STREET sound like a modern and pimped out version of the Pet Shop Boys, especially because of the focus on vocals and songwriting. Inherently consistent and downright splendid."

Learn more about the 3 years recording and production phase in this short documentary video feat. Booka Shade, Craig Walker, Mark Plati (David Bowie, Prince, The Cure...), Daniel Spencer and Yates.